Georgia Trappers Association December 2008 Reports

President — Earl Thompson,5079 High Rock Rd., Pitts, GA 31072;phone: 229-648-6475; e-mail:

Vice President — Gary Newman, 1182 Hwy 107, Denton, GA 31532; phone: 912-375-3795

Correspondence Secretary — C.R. Benson, 139 Waterway Court, Macon, GA 31220; phone: 478-935-2940; e-mail:

Membership Secretary/Treasurer — Tommy Key, P.O. Box 1005, Pine Mountain, GA 31822; phone: 706-628-4686

Legislative Director — Gene Pritchett., 107 Seaboard Rd., Jesup, GA 31545; phone: 912-586-6905

NTA Director — Rusty Johnson, Rt. 1, Chula, GA 31733; phone: 229-382-2499

F.T.A. Director ­— C.R. Benson, 139 Waterway Court, Macon, GA 31220; phone: 478-935-2940; e-mail:

Executive Director — Wade Keys, 3158 East Fairview Rd., McDonough, GA 30252, phone: 770-388-7951

Membership Options:
• Regular membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $25
• Lifetime membership with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $300

Complete membership application on first page of
association section and send dues to:
GTA, Membership Secretary/Treasurer
Tommy Key
P.O. Box 1005, Pine Mountain, GA 31822


First I would like to thank everyone who had a part in making our convention another great event. There are so many people that pitched in and helped out to pull it off.  A special thanks to Greg Waters for the help in securing the location for this year, what a great place on the banks of the river and next to one of our many Wildlife Management Areas. It was a special day as many were recognized for their contributions to trapping in Georgia. As the auction took place, to see the young kids bidding on trapping stuff really has to make you feel good about the future of the sport.

As most of you know we had elections, and with that always come a few new officers. We are working to get the changes made and they will be updated as soon as we can.
It’s that time again that we knock the dirt dobbers out of the trap basket and try to find our trapping spades to get ready for another year. If you are having trouble finding your trapping spade, you may want to look in your wife’s bulb planting bucket. It seems that trapping spades make good bulb planters.

I have noticed a lot of animals on the road lately and it seems that this has been a good year for several species such as raccoon and opossums. I wonder if the antis ever think about banning driving cars because of the number of animal deaths they cause every year. That’s just a thought. 
If you have a friend that is trapping and not a member of the GTA or NTA, please let us know so we can contact them and talk with them about getting involved on the organizations.

By the time many of you read this, you will have already set your first traps of the year. Just a few hints I picked up at the convention. Keep your equipment clean and free from odor, check your pan tensions and make sure your traps are at there best, clean out the spiders from your waders before putting them on!!!

Remember we have the trapping field trial coming up in January so go ahead and be making plans to come and be a part of the fun. We also have several shows that we will need people to help with this year so if you are interested in helping out please let us know. There is one thing each of us has and that is the knowledge of how to trap, so I urge you to share it with someone and let’s keep our heritage alive and let someone else see the enjoyment it can bring. That’s it for now. Remember to pray for those who have given so much to protect us and to keep us free form harm.  Thanks.

— Gene Pritchett

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