Illinois Trappers Association June-July 2012 Report

President — Mike Gragert, 511 S. 5th St., New Douglas, IL 62074; 618-637-9061;

Vice President — Carroll Williams, RR4 Box 135, Fairfield, IL 62837; 618-516-2275;

Secretary — Wes Johnson, 700 East Locust St. #25, Fairbury, IL 61739; 815-674-8004;

Treasurer — Bill Paulsen, 2443 Penn Blvd., Lake Villa, IL 60046

Membership Director — Cody Champ, 9530 E. Meadows Road, Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $20


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

ITA, Treasurer

Bill Paulsen, 2443 Penn Blvd.

Lake Villa, IL 60046



Maybe a second time will work better. I just finished putting all my info for the column together, and hit the delete key instead of send. Better luck next time used to be the word found in the bottom of an ice cream cone, when I was a kid. Maybe I need to watch what I’m doing a little better. My computer shot craps on April 1, so for the past month I have looked at my e-mails twice, scanning for the important ones and leaving the rest to open or delete when I got back online. Today was the day, 1309 to go thru, delete or read. Many more deleted than read.

As most of of you know, this year is the 50th anniversary convention, of which will be on Oct.5-6 at the Logan County Fairgrounds in Lincoln, IL. There will be many that attended the first, won’t be here for the 50th, but none the less many will be remembered from pictures of conventions past. I went through boxes of pictures, looking at pictures of convention past, and now have probably more than necessary for a decent display. I still have to work out a method of display but if you have any ideas, let me know

With this being the one and only 50th convention, surely we can get some ideas from the membership for events , games or things that they would like to see. I personally have attended all conventions to date, hosted by the Illinois Trappers Association. Antique trap displays, tanned fur displays, games of many different origins, hawk throwing, artifact collections, trap setting contest, taxidermy displays have all been utilized at many previous conventions. If you have something of this nature, and want to be more involved contact Mike Gragert at 618-637-9061. This is also a place where former Board members could step in to help make the convention successful and memorable.

Wes Johnson has a Trapper Education class scheduled for June 23 , in Fairbury at North Park. For info call Wes at 815-419-5204

A former Board member and Treasurer of the ITA, Mik Mohr, once stated that Old War Horses get tired. In other words it time for some of the members to fish or cut bait. Don’t be afraid of stepping up to become more involved. Maybe you don’t wish to become a Board member or Officer, but if you only attend a meeting or two, maybe you will become informed enough to want to take the next step. Board meeting dates are posted at our web site,

There are several events up coming, but I don’t wish to duplicate or get the info wrong, so I’ll let someone else make those announcements.

In a previous column I gave the criteria for Hall of Fame. To date we have ZERO feed back for Hall of Fame. Trapper of the Year would come with similar information. Maybe it looked to lengthy or involved, but all you need is a nomination on a 3X5 index card with name and some information of the nominee , your name and address and mail to my address Paul Kelley PO Box 75 Hudson, IL. 61748

Richard Daniel Memorial Scholarship deadline for applications will be extended to August 1 due to my failing to get word into this column. For an application, mail your request to my address PO Box 75 Hudson, IL. 61748 The scholarship is two awards in the amount of $1000 awarded to a student enrolled in a college studying “Wildlife Management”. All recipients must attend the ITA convention on Friday , Oct. 5.

Enough for now!

May the Lord be your shotgun rider. — Paul Kelley

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