Independent Fur Harvesters of Cenral New York November 2012 Report

President — Al LaFrance; 315-682-2050

Vice President — Ed Wright

Treasurer — Tim Evans

Secretary — Rich Palmer



Minutes of Meeting — Aug. 4, 2012

– The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

– Minutes of last meeting were read and accepted.

– Treasurer’s report — none.



– Sarah Crysler sent us a thank you for the scholarship.

– Tim paid for the furs. We adjusted our prices. Very nice fur.



– The work day went well. It’s amazing how much we got done with 12-15 guys and Shirley Howe. Thanks to all that helped out. A breakdown of what we did: Gun range weed-eated and cleaned out, the shed cleaned out and filled with club signs. Cleaned garage, windows and floor of the clubhouse. Took down old telephone pole. Fixed the gate and fencing. Cleaned the fire pit area, speaking of which, while cleaning the fire pit, I thought I had to pull out some dollar bills. Al LaFrance started dancing around yelling, or maybe it was singing, and then he dropped his pants and skivvies. Did he think he was a stripper looking for tips? No, a couple of yellow jackets flew up his shorts and stung him on the thigh and butt cheek. After we realized he was OK, we had to laugh. Ed Wright took a stinger on the wrist too. The only casualties of the day.

– We inventoried the trailer and marked all the fur. I bought four 35-gallon totes to replace the broken ones so we’re ready to go.

– Nedrow is holding a Boaters Safety Course. Contact Al LaFrance for a Nedrow contact.

– Pat Arnold is holding two Youth Trapping Weekends, one in Allegheny County and one in Rensselaer County on Oct. 5-8, ages 12-14. Contact her for details at 644-4643. We voted to donate $100 to it.

– We voted and approved reimbursements to Al for newsletters and a fisher mount he bought for the club.

– Thanks to Mike Kraus for the bear and elk summer sausage. Excellent!

– No door prize.



– None.


Minutes of Meeting — Sept. 13, 2012

– The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

– Minutes of last meeting were read and accepted.

– Treasurer’s report was read and accepted.



– Nomination for officers at next month’s elections are:

1. President — Karl Curtis and Al LaFrance

2. Vice President — Ed Wright and Rick Weslowski

3. Secretary — Rich Palmer and Al Burns

4. Treasurer — Tim Evans and Mike Kraus

– Crossbow issue is still alive and was sent back by the governor for revision.

– The joint rendezvous with Cortland County Trappers was very poorly attended by this club’s members — only three showed up. It was a good day for those who attended.



– The annual Christmas Banquet is set for Sunday, Dec. 23 at 4 p.m. at Al’s Village Diner.

– Our annual fur sale is set for Saturday, Dec. 15 at Pompey Rod and Gun Club.

– Our fourth Fundraiser Coyote Hunt for Advanced Strategies will be held on Jan. 11-13. First prize is $1,000. 2nd prize is an electronic predator call. There will be a $100 bonus for the heaviest coyote. Lots of door prizes. Details to follow.

– Voted to reimburse Al for postage and newsletter expense.

– Ralph Ashley brought the food and drink. It was excellent. Great job!

– Bill Howe won the door prize — a new hat.



– None.



– Dec. 15 – Fur sale at Pompey Rod and Gun Club.

– Dec. 23 – Christmas Banquet

– Jan. 11-13 – Coyote Hunt

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