Louisiana Trappers & Alligator Hunters Association November 2008 Report

President — Samuel J. Smith Sr, P.O. Box 335, DeQuincy, LA 70633; phone: 337-786-2691; e-mail: sambogator@msn.com
Vice President — Bill Dowers, P.O. Box 55, DeQuincy, LA 70633; phone: 337-786-4936; e-mail: dqpochie@yahoo.com
Secretary/Treasurer — Paul Rhodes, 855 Newt Hodges Rd., Ragley, LA 70657-6309; phone: 337-725-3721.
Youth Education Coordinator — Ronnie Guy,
700 LaMourie Rd., LeCompte, LA 71346;
phone: 318-776-5471.

Membership Options:
• Individual membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $17
• Family membership with subscription — $20
• Lifetime memberships with subscription — $300
• Senior (over 65) lifetime membership with subscription — $150

Complete membership application on first page of
association section and send dues to:
LTAHA, Secretary/Treasurer
Paul Rhodes
885 Newt Hodges Rd.
Ragley, LA 70657


At our members meeting on Sept. 20, we decided to:

Have our 2009 convention in Woodworth at the LDWF Education Center on April 4; allot $200 for the printing of raffle tickets. The 2009 raffle will consist of one winner of a $300 gift certificate. Curtis Cruse will be in charge of our 2009 raffle; allot $750 for our Education Fund, Ronnie Guy is in charge of this fund; allot $100 to the NTA and $100 to the FTA. (We donated $100 to the NTA and $100 to the FBU in April); Continue our new member drive for 2009 with the winner receiving a $50 gift certificate.

We decided to change the date of our convention because th third weekend in April is also Texas’ spring rendezvous. We also change the dlocation of the convention because the youth camp where we used to have it could not ive us a price and didn’t know if it would be available in April. The new site for our convention will be in Woodworth, LA, at the LDWF Education Center. The LDWF Education Center is only a few miles from the old site and will not cost us anything.

The 1009 new memer dirve went well. There were 22 new members signed up. Sam Smith signed up the mot new members (10) and won the $50 trapping supply gift certificate. Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s new member drive.
I plan on mailing out and annual financial report, trapping pamphlet, fur buyer list and a members list to all members by the beginning of trapping season (Nov. 20), If anyone does not want their name address or phone number on this member list, please let me know. If you are going to buy fur this season, let me know so I can add you to the fur buyer list.

On Natiuonal Hunt & Fish Day (Sept. 27), we had four LTAHA booths set up around the state. Richard Rowell, Justin Rowell, Don Aycock, Johnny Herman St., Richard Barteet and John Haygood worked the booth at Minden. Ronnie and Terri Guy, Bobby Farris, Clint Perkins, John Linzay, Steve Hardy and Belinda worked the booth at Woodworth. Curtis and Brenda Cruse worked the booth at Monroe. Same Smith and Kyle Spring worked the booth at Baton Rouge. There were about 9.500 people that attended these four sites. We were able to talk with a lot of them about trapping and alligator hunting in Louisiana. A special thanks to everyone that helped set up and work these booths. — Paul Rhodes


Our booth at the National Hunting and Fishing Day event in Woodworth on Sept. 27 was a complete success. We skinned two alligators, displayed furs and had plenty of giveaways for the hundreds of children who lined up to learn about trapping and alligator hunting. Thanks to Steve Hardy, Clint Perkins, John Linzay, Bobby Farris, Belinda Pollard and Terri Guy for all their help.

Thanks also to those members who worked at National Hunting and Fishing Day events across the state: Sam Smith and Paul Rhodes in Baton Rouge, Curtis Cruse in Monroe and Don Aycock and Richard Rowell in Minden. All of these events attracted large crowds and went a long way toward educating the public, especially our youth, about the importance of trapping and wildlife conservation.

It is a privilege for us to be invited to take part in National Hunting and Fishing Day, and we appreciate Mike Burns, Mark Roy and the other Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries staff for making this possible anf for hosting such a worthwhile event, which seems to grow into a bigger and better celebration each year. — Ronnie Guy

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