Texas Trappers & Fur Hunters Association November 2008 Report

President — Bill Applegate, Box 883, Marfa, TX 79843; phone: 432-729-3349; fax: 432-729-3623
Vice President — Bill Turnbow, 511 N. Arizona,
Shamrock, TX 79079; phone: 806-256-3039
Secretary — Debbie Pilgrim, 1323 RR 2341,
Burnet, TX 78611; phone: 512-756-4609
Treasurer — Keith Jackson, 306 CR 2717, Alto, TX 75925; phone: 936-675-2047
Membership Administrator— Tasha Jackson,
306 CR 2717, Alto, TX 75925; phone: 936-858-3384
Public Relations Officer — Cody Dowling, P.O. Box 444, Alto, TX 75925; phone: 903-625-0325
NTA Director — Mark Davis, P.O. Box 1023,
Athens, TX 75751; phone: 903-489-3080

Membership Options:
• Family lifetime (husband & wife) — $300
• Lifetime (payable $25 monthly) — $250
• Lifetime oldtimer (age 70 or over) — $25
• Business membership — $25
• Family membership (2 members) — $20
• Single membership — $15
• Junior membership (under 16) — $5
• 1-year subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller (members only) — $10
Payments for dues are non-refundable.

Complete membership application on first page of
association section and send dues to:
TTFHA, Membership Administrator
    Tasha Jackson,
306 CR 2717, Alto, TX 75925


No news that I am aware of since last month regarding delisting of bobcats or tag elimination for bobcats or river otters. We are very optimistic in obtaining some relief for keeping live bobcats and mountain lions this coming legislative session. If successful, the law will take effect Sept. 2009.

The North American Fur Auction is considering establishing a fur pick up route in Texas. If you haven’t been putting up your fur, now is the time to learn or to take advantage of multiple markets. Dried fur gives you more opportunity to command higher prices. As far as damaging fur in the put up process, proper guidance will keep this to a minimum.
Our core of hard working, dedicated members is increasing, which helps to spread the workload and improve our effectiveness. If you would like to become more involved, please contact any board member.

Those of you who helped out with the skull collection for the rabies assessment, you are most appreciated by the Wildlife Services and the Texas Department of Health. Your Association appreciates you too as it helps us build and maintain good relationships with these and other organizations, entities and legislators. We all must work together to reach our individual goals. I have been informed that skull collection efforts will continue through the upcoming fur season; please consider helping out. Contact a Wildlife Services district or state office for details.

I trust you have enjoyed the improvements in the Texas Fur Trails under the direction of our new editor, Dave Hastings. Dace can’t do it all alone. He needs your stories, news, pictures and anything else of interest to keep this magazine first class. Material from all across the country is welcome. Dave is particularly looking for some Texas photos to be used for the covers of future issues of the magazine. Bear in mind that members are entitled to free classified advertising in the Texas Fur Trails. If you are ready to help out with promoting and preserving trapping, let us know. We would like to put your unique talents to work for the benefit of all and future generations. — Bill Applegate

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