Book Review: Predator Calling With Gerry Blair

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It’s dawn in the woods. You’re camouflaged, your scent is masked and you’ve just screamed the local coyotes. But are the predators hearing your calls? Or, are they hearing but simply not responding?

It’s something that many predator hunters wonder as they quietly wait for their desired predator to approach. When author and predator hunting expert Gerry Blair calls, they come running.

In Predator Calling With Gerry Blair, you’ll learn the tricks, tips and techniques he has successfully honed in decades of hunting experience. This easy-to-read guide covers coyotes, bears, lions and other cats, as well as fox and raccoons.

You’ll also learn:

*Why animals come to call and why, at times, they don’t

*The different calls you can use and the best time to use them

*How to use the wind, weather and terrain to your own advantage

*Which guns are the best for given situations

*How to learn from your mistakes

Take the mystery out of predator calling and learn from the best. Hunters young and old will benefit from reading Predator Calling With Gerry Blair.

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