Fall Predator Hunting Special on Sale Now!

Whether you have called coyotes, foxes and bobcats for years or you are just getting started, Predator Hunting is a must-read.

Look for the fall issue at newsstands near you by Nov. 1. But if you don’t want to wait, you can order directly from F+W Publications by calling (800) 942-0673. The issue costs $5.95, which includes shipping and handling. Mention order code PHES07.

You can also preorder the Late-Season (Winter 2007) issue, which is scheduled to go on sale Dec. 15. It is also $5.95 postpaid.

Below is the table of contents for the Fall 2007 issue. It is the best in predator hunting information you’ll find anywhere!


8 Fences and Hedges Predators use property boundaries to navigate the landscape. Here’s how to hunt these travelway hotspots. By Mark Kayser

14 One Call Can’t Do It All While your favorite predator call might work well in many situations, it shouldn’t be your only option. By Lance Homman

20 Timing Bobcats Concentrate on low-light periods for the best chance to bring a ‘cat close. By Dexter Oliver

26 Small Acres, Big Success Coyotes, bobcats and foxes don’t need miles and miles of cover to thrive. As a caller, you don’t, either. By Randy Smith

32 Shorten Your Learning Curve Everyone was new to predator hunting once. Here are five steps to help you break in. By Ted Stotler

38 Evolution of the Predator Rifle From black-powder roots to present day ARs, weapons for fur hunting have come a long way. By Dave Morelli

44 Night Setups for Foxes The most critical element of calling in the dark is where you sit or stand. By Dave Kaprocki

48 Calling the Midwest An abundance of predators await callers who can adapt to hunting in tight country. By Tad Brown

52 Lessons Learned The only certainty in predator hunting is there are no certainties. By Gerry Blair

56 Predators With a Pro An experienced guide can put you on fur and lead you to unforgettable calling success. By Randy Buker

60 Johnny Stewart: Game Call Pioneer One businessman’s pursuit of a dream advanced the sport we cherish. By Gerald Stewart

74 Hunting With Murphy If it wasn’t for bad luck, he’d have no luck at all. By Lance Homman


6 Editor’s Call A shotgun blast ends a long drought. By Paul Wait

42 Furbearer Behavior Understanding the differences between red foxes and gray foxes will help your calling success. By Serge Lariviere

66 Gear Guide 2007 Discover the latest in game calls, decoys, rifles, shooting supports and predator hunting videos.

69 Calendar of Events Find predator hunts and calling contests right next door or far from home.

70 Clubs &?Organizations Use our guide to find predator calling clubs across the nation.

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