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10 Urban Muskrats
Golf courses, housing subdivisions and corporate properties with ponds can provide fur trapping opportunities.  Tim Hiller

14 Mentor and Apprentice
A young beaver trapper and a veteran fur harvester run a mixed-species line in northern Wisconsin. Paul Antczak

20 Analyzing Spots
Exact set location is the key to bobcat trapping success. Preseason scouting can help determine trap placement and setting strategy. Dave Morelli

26 Instant Beavers
The strong allure of castor can make catching flattails an immediate adventure. Tom Olson

34 In Pursuit of Foxes
A Pennsylvania trapper delves deep into trapping reds and grays. Zeke Wilson

40 Unconventional Rifles
Chances are a gun you already own will work fine for coyote calling. Randy Smith

46 Welcome to the Night
Calling foxes in the dark requires lights and recognition of wind direction. Dave Kaprocki

50 Scent Strategies
Predator callers can employ a two-fold approach to fool incoming coyotes long enough for a shot. Ted Stotler

56 Trapping Out of Sight
Simple steps can deter “Johnny Sneakum” from stealing your catch and equipment. Jim Spencer

62 Reliving the Past
The American Mountain Men travel back in time to run a trapline the 1800s way. Jim Hannon

68 Putting Up Raccoons
Skinning, fleshing and stretching is a matter of following step-by-step instructions. Mike Wilhite

74 When Possum Was King
During the Great Depression, trappers made more money in one night than farmhands made all week. Mike Hull

5 Editor’s Call
The Trapper & Predator Caller magazine launches exciting new online interactive forums and features at www.trapperpredatorcaller.com. Paul Wait

6 School Days
Brothers from New York describe different accounts of their shared trapline. James and Calvin Zimmerman

8 Furbearer Behavior
Animal populations in a given area are influenced by sources and sinks. Serge Lariviere

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