December 2008 Gear

Alaska Trappers Wolf Trapping“Alaska Trapping Association Wolf Trapping Manual and DVD”:  After several years of development and production, the collective experience of Alaska’s very best wolf trappers has been consolidated into a manual and DVD. The info contained in these teaching tools would take the average trapper an entire lifetime to learn. Now, you can learn both the basics and the “secret” tricks of the trade. These two items do not duplicate each other. Rather, they were developed to complement each other. The manual includes 123 pages of firsthand practical information, including detailed drawings. The 34-minute-long DVD supplements that material by clearly demonstrating the principles described in the manual at real-life settings on Alaskan traplines. The manual and DVD are $25 each, but can be bought for $40 together. Contact the Alaska Trapping Association at or visit their Web site at

“Mink Trapping: Quest for Prime Mink”: Professional trapper Red O’Hearn gives tips on trapping mink in this 57-page book full of information he’s learned on the trapline and from dozens of other trappers over the years. Chapters include The Mink and Finding Them, Laying Out a Productive Mink Line, Longline Versus Shortline, Mink and Mink Lore, Timing Your Mink Take and many more. Contact Red O’Hearn at 1124 310th St., Northboro, IA 51647 or call 712-534-2272.

“Longlining, Raccoons & Conibears”: Join longline ’coon trapper Ron Houser on his dryland ’coon line as he takes raccoon trapping one step farther than most, trapping in wooded valleys, ridges, prairies and the lake and farm country of Southern Minnesota. Learn the methods of a seasoned trapper and catch yourself a truckload of ’coons. Contact Schmitt Enterprises, Box 44, New Ulm, MN 56073; 507-359-4149.

Have a new product? For consideration in T&PC’s New Products section, contact Chris Adamski, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990 or (715) 445-2214 ext. 13241.

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