Review: Flextone Crow Call

Hunting crows is a blast, and it can fill some of the downtime between predator hunting and trapping seasons. The Flextone Crow Call is the perfect companion for the crow caller.

The durable call’s flexible design gives you great control of volume, tone and back pressure and the soft-bodied call produces a more natural sound than traditional hard calls. The large bore barrel gives the call extra volume when you need it. Squeeze and release the call to sound like multiple fighting crows.

The Flextone Crow Call can also be very useful in pursuing turkeys. Hunters use crow calls to help locate longbeards. The call can elicit a shock gobble to help reveal where the nearest tom is, whether the bird is roosted or on the ground.

In the video below, Tom Wiley, the founder of Flextone Game Calls, gives tips on how to use the Flextone Crow Call. Check it out and see if you want might want to try your hand at it this year.


To pick up your own Flextone Crow Call for just $9.99, visit

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