Start From Scratch When After ‘Grubbing Skunks’

Q: Any good tricks for catching skunks when they are in their grubbing mood? What normally works for me any other time does not produce when they are digging grubs. Any and all advice would be appreciated. — coontrap, via the Trapper & Predator Caller Forums

Mike Wilhite Responds:
When it comes to “grubbing skunks,” take everything you ever knew about trapping skunks and throw it out the door. In the Midwest, we get grubbing skunks in three-year cycles in the fall digging Japanese Beetle larvae. Occasionally in the spring, it will occur with the emergence of June Bug larvae. Skunks have a very keen sense of smell and can find individual grubs, dig them up and eat them. The problem is, when they are grubbing, all they want is grubs. They can be very tough on lawns and golf courses, not to mention a trapper’s patience.

My only experiences trapping these skunks is with cage traps. I have had pretty good luck using commercial baits such as Grub Paste or Liquid Grubs. These baits are placed in the back of the cage to lure the skunk in. Always put it in the back of the cage and never use it as a trailing scent.

I have also had success funneling skunks into the traps with 8- to 12-foot lengths of 2 x 6 lumber. Set your boards on edge on either side of the trap and fan them outward. The skunks are so intent on grubbing that they are not paying attention to where they are going and will often follow the board right in to the trap.

Also, keep in mind that skunks are color blind and that they love cheese. Cheese in the back of a trap looks white to a skunk and when they are grubbing, white is their favorite color.

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