Trapper Sends Update From Iraq


Editor’s Note: Jim Servi, an experienced trapper from Big Rock, Tenn., is
currently serving in the U.S. Army in Iraq. He has had the opportunity to trap animals around the base he is stationed at and detailed some of his adventures in “Combat Zone Trapping,” a story that appeared in the November issue of Trapper & Predator Caller. The text below is an update Jim sent from Iraq.

I hope you all had a chance to read and enjoy my “Combat Zone Trapping” article in the November 2008 edition of The Trapper & Predator Caller. I know I had fun writing it and even more fun actually doing it.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to go back out on the trap line with them again due to mission priority here. However, I have had the opportunity to take advantage of some other outdoor experiences here in Iraq. I’ve identified 20 different species of birds that can’t be found in the United States. I’ve went fishing in a little pond in Taji (caught one little carp-like fish on hotdogs). I’ve swam in the Persian Gulf and I’ve seen all kinds of unique critters such as insects, lizards, snakes, scorpions and even a few rabbits.

I wanted to post this blog in order to answer any questions you may have about the article or what it is like over here. I’d be happy to answer any questions at all or hear any feedback you may have from the article. The deployment has been a memorable experience, but after 13 months, I’m ready to come home and lay some traps of my own.

Good luck to you all this fall. I hope you have a catch in every trap and I look forward to joining you next fall.

Thanks again,


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2 thoughts on “Trapper Sends Update From Iraq

  1. Jim, I liked your article. Neat to find out what is over in the desert. Hopefully you get to go out on the desert trap line again. I hope you stay safe.

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