New Trapper Site Launch An Exciting Time

You know how excited you get when you first spot that coyote or fox charging through the woods directly at you as it responds to your call? We’re almost that excited today. That’s because today our new site launches!It’s always exciting to be involved in something ground-level, and we’re sure the new site will only increase the enjoyment and expert knowledge you receive here on both trapping and predator hunting.

There’s virtually nothing we’re afraid to discuss and it’s open season on any issue pertaining to trapping or predators. So, welcome to The Trap Line Blog and be sure to check it often. The blog that is.

And let us know how you like the new site, won’t you?


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12 thoughts on “New Trapper Site Launch An Exciting Time

  1. good site, i hope i can get some help form the members, i have never trapped anything, i would like to trap coyotes, can anyone help me get started.

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