Nuisance Nutria

Nutria are causing nuisance problems in western Oregon. Peter Zuckerman wrote a story that appears in today’s Oregonian on the nuisance issues the non-native animals that look like a cross between a very large rat and a muskrat are causing in Gladstone, Oregon. One local resident created a petition to the city council to push for a solution.

According to the petition signed by (Nancy) Schlosser and 14 of her neighbors,
their properties in the Cornell and Barbary neighborhoods have “become
overrun” with nutria. They invade every day, frightening children and
pets, creating a health hazard, destroying lawns and “making it
impossible to enjoy our private property.”

The animals are originally from South America and were introduced to North America by fur ranchers. They are known to destroy aquatic vegetation and irrigation systems, erode river banks and take over areas, displacing native animals.

This could be a good opportunity for area trappers. Trapper & Predator Caller fur market expert Parker Dozhier wrote the following in his November Fur Market Report regarding the region’s (7a) market for the species:

Large (26 in. and up) are expected to open at $4.50 to $5 for 26” and up shearable types. Averages around $3.50 expected.

As always, good luck on the trapline and feel free to send in photos and stories for the blog to

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