North! To New Trapping Adventures

The author traveled outside of his comfort zone to experience fisher and marten trapping firsthand. Follow along to the frozen north country. [Read More]

The Cubby Challenge

A cubby of one sort or another is part of almost every trapper’s tool kit, and for good reason. Well-made, properly guarded cubbies can be counted on to function through the most difficult of conditions. However, for this type of set to perform effectively, some serious consideration is in order long before installing that first trap. [Read More]

The Trap Line

Trap Chain Matters

Friday, September 11th, 2020

10 Tips for Serious Longliners

Friday, September 4th, 2020

A Century Between Sets

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

Harness Tough Terrain

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

Product Spotlights

Mark June’s Lures Inc. Fox Frenzy Trapping Lure

Fox Frenzy is one of the largest-selling fox lures in America with a customer base in all fur zones. It’s also Mark’s personal favorite. [Read More]

Mark June’s Lures Inc. DVD: Coyote Trapping — Reducing the Numbers

Learn from one of this country’s top coyote trappers, filmed in high-quality Sony digital technology. Join professional trapper and biologist Mark June, of Texas, as he teams up with full-time animal damage control agent Rusty Johnson, of Georgia, as they work “paying jobs” in three states during different months of the year. They hold nothing back, showing you in great detail how to catch large numbers of coyotes right out of the gate. [Read More]


The Market Report

Fur Market Report November 2020: Recent Large Auction Reveals Trends for the Season

There’s no doubt about it, times are tough for everyone in the fur industry, and at this time every trapper is wondering what to expect for this fall. Of course, the cold temperatures that we feel in the mornings tell us that autumn is around the corner, and the next month will be geared toward getting the final details ready for the season. [Read More]

Fur Market Report October 2020: Strange Days Leading Up To Trapping Season

It is extremely hard to believe what is happening worldwide right now, and just as hard to believe how our very own trade is paralyzed. We are now about to enter the trapping season of 2020 and the fur from 2019 is still, for the most part, unsold. [Read More]

Fur Market Report September 2020: Castor Glands in High Demand

Basically the entire world of fur sales has stalled for the last several months because of COVID-19 pandemic. No big international fur auctions were held yet in 2020, and the entire world is too busy fighting the pandemic and adjusting operations. Business in almost all fields has been more difficult, laborers have to be spaced from their coworkers, more sanitary measures and hardly any international travel, so fur sales are on hold. [Read More]

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