The Cubby Challenge

A cubby of one sort or another is part of almost every trapper’s tool kit, and for good reason. Well-made, properly guarded cubbies can be counted on to function through the most difficult of conditions. However, for this type of set to perform effectively, some serious consideration is in order long before installing that first trap. [Read More]

Harness Tough Terrain

Understanding the geography, the watersheds and the vegetation of a potential trapline all can add to a successful season. Too often trappers work against the terrain instead of harnessing its conditions. Take the time to study a few maps and aerial photos, and thoroughly scout on foot. Pretty soon you`ll find plenty of potential on your trapline terrain. [Read More]

Trappers Saving the World, One Endangered Species at a Time

Trappers have their own reasons for doing what they do. Many do it for the love of the sport, some do it to help control furbearer populations and maybe even some do it for the money they receive from it. How many can say that they do it to help endangered species? [Read More]