Appeals Court Backs Minnesota DNR on Wolf Regulations


A court decision issued yesterday by the Minnesota Court of Appeals has upheld the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ authority to set wolf hunting and trapping seasons.

“This decision affirms that the DNR, as directed by the Legislature, set the correct and proper course in establishing last year’s wolf season,” Minnesota DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr said in a news release. “Furthermore, the recent Legislature clarified the rulemaking process for setting future seasons, affirming the DNR is using the correct season-setting process.”

Landwehr said the DNR used the same rule-making process for the wolf season as it does for dozens of other game species. He added the DNR is committed to the long-term sustainability of the state’s wolf population, the largest in the lower 48 states, and that the agency took a conservative approach to the inaugural season.

Plans are underway for a 2013 wolf season. The DNR will set the season this summer after analyzing data from the previous season and a wolf population estimate is completed.

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  1. More political pandering and backroom dealing for special interest groups. The citizens of the state of Michigan have voiced the dissent and oppose this action and yet some how it still gets passed. Let’s see, how do you spell corruption?!

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