Idaho Trappers Association December 2014 Report

President — Patrick B. Carney; 208-599-5009;

Vice President — Andy Smith;

Secretary — Andy White,

Treasurer — Vacant

NTA Representative — Dan Davis; 208-458-4303;

Election Chairman — Billy Dyer; 208-587-6696;

Director — Mark Collinge; 208-376-2963;

Director — Rusty Kramer; 208-870-3217;

Director — Angel Lovan,

Director — Tim Conant; 208-544-2766;

Director — Bruce Bartow; 208-521-4235;

Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25.50

• Family membership with subscription — $30.50

• Life Membership — $500


Hello all,

Hope this finds you all trapping hard right now. I didn’t get to go at it as hard as I wanted to early with coaching two football teams and farming but did best I could. Football is over and weather is holding but catch has been very slow. Seeing mange clear high up in the mountains so that is very discouraging, I wonder when the mange will ever end its cycle around here. The NTA lawyers have been contacting people from the ITA getting prepared for the lynx lawsuit that was filed. NTA will be working with the ITA (and hopefully other groups will follow with help) to get a handle on this lynx lawsuit. The conditions for this lawsuit could prove disastrous for trappers in this state. I could foresee trap-size restrictions, body gripper restrictions, snare restrictions, and trap check restrictions in designated lynx habitats. This could essentially eliminate wolf trapping in the state, which I’m sure is the real reason behind the lawsuit. All the more reason to support the NTA and the ITA! These organizations support your trapping rights!! By the time you read this elections will be over and I hope all turned out pro-trapping/pro-sportsmen. — Rusty Kramer

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