Internet and Computers: Essential Trapping Tools?

by Kris Pope, T&PC contributor

Computers and the Internet are increasingly becoming must-have tools for trappers, up there with boots and gloves. Here are six reasons why:

The new mouse

Is this mouse as important to the trap line as a good pair of boots? The answer is increasingly, "Yes."

1) You can view aerial photos of your trapping grounds and have maps made for the exact area you’ll be setting.

2) Many counties have their tax maps online. You can access them any time to determine who owns a parcel of land and get their contact information.

3) You can instantly browse and compare dozens of trapping supply houses, and order supplies at 3 a.m. if you want. (Click here to check out gear from T&PC‘s online store.)

4) There is an incredible amount of trapping knowledge on various forums and websites, like this one.

5) There are several other less-obvious possible uses for the computer as well. For example, most computers come with soft ware to design business cards or flyers that can help you look professional when networking for new trapping areas.

6) I even keep track of my lure usage on a spreadsheet. If you know the right formulas, each time you update your sheet with the lure and animal caught, you can instantly see which lure is producing best and even narrow down which species responds best to the lure.

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