Minnesota Nonresident Trapping Lawsuit Proceeding

Minnesota DNRA lawsuit that trappers filed against the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to challenge the department’s restrictions on nonresident trapping continues to progress through the court system.

Bob Moctinski, who is one of the lawsuit’s organizers, posted an update to TrapperMan.com.

“Regrettably, we had to remove the original lawfirm, and they have been replaced with a veteran attorney who we believe is best suited to win this suit,” Moctinski wrote. “Additionally, we narrowed the number of plaintiffs down to two — Phil Brown and Tim Sawatzky. We firmly believe this gives us the best opportunity of success in ending the anti-nonresident trapping law in Minnesota.”

A judge will determine the merits of the lawsuit at a hearing on May 21, according to Moctinski, who wrote that the group is confident they have a strong case.

For more information, read T&PC’s original story on the lawsuit.

For information on how to donate to the group, visit TrapperMan.com.

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