Nebraska Fur Harvesters August 2013 Report

President — Don Miller, Box 15, Loup City, NE 68853-0015; 308-745-0572; cell 308-440-2951

Vice President — Adam Duryea, 80406 Victoria Springs Rd, Merna, NE 68856; 308-643-0430; cell: 308-643-9178

Secretary — Stephen Vantassel, 701 S. 55th St., Lincoln, NE 68510; 402-489-1042

Treasurer — Jason Reynoldson, 2142 State Highway 14, Albion, NE 68620-5033; 402-395-6805; Cell: 402-649-3832

Legislative Representative — George Wagner, 201 Main Ave., Winnetoon, NE 68789; 402-847-3398

Public Relations Director — Jim Cronin, 47661 781 Road, Loup City, NE 68853; 308-390-4115;

NTA Delegate — Wynn Hall, 221 W Otoe, Exeter, NE 68351; 402-759-1577;

FTA Delegate — Roy Greenfield, 16535 145th Rd., Amherst, NE 68812; 308-826-5155

Website — Dave Hastings, 1805 O St., Ord, NE 68862; 308-728-7780


Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25

• Individual membership without publication — $10

• Junior (14 and under) membership with publication — $16


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

Trompke Bookkeeping and Business Services

PO Box 89, Loup City, NE 68853-0089



Hello Everyone

I hope everyone would read some of the other states newsletters. So many states face serious threats, ballot initiatives to prohibit trapping, lawsuits to stop trapping in protected species areas, access to public lands, etc. We have sent $500 to Montana and Oregon to help them. That is perhaps more symbolic than anything because $500 would be a mere drop in the bucket of what it is costing and will cost. As a matter of note, I just received notice that Trap Free Oregon’s petition wording, etc., had been approved, so they can begin collecting the 87,000 signatures needed. The anti’s are contemplating whether to get on the 2014 ballot or to wait until 2016. With all that is going on around the country, how could anyone say “I don’t need to join an association”? The main thing I see is “I’ll let George do it.” I realize that I’m preaching to the choir here, but maybe the choir could carry the message beyond.

On a brighter note, everyone has now received the early convention flyer along with a book of raffle tickets. Get the tickets sold and pass on or hang up the extra flyer. Make plans to attend the 40th Annual Convention. Too bad Ivan White, Harry Smeal, and some of those old timers aren’t around to attend. And some still are. Eric Stane and others have been diligently planning and preparing for this event. Anyone who can help Eric or his crew, please contact him and offer to help. Eric has been doing a great job, bas as the time gets nearer, I’m sure he will find some jobs to fill. Another flyer will be sent around the 1st of September. This will include the vendor list and demo event schedule.

Don’t forget the business meeting on Saturday. There will be elections for President, Treasurer, NTA Director, and Legislative Representative. Some of these officers have served for several terms and may like to have a break. So if you or someone you know would like to get into one of these positions, put that name forward. Of course, nominations can be made from the floor, but it would be nice to know ahead of time.

Make plans to be in Crete the last weekend of September! — Don Miller



I would like to apologize for having missed the past several issues with a report. My wife Jenny has had medical problems since October and spent more than half that time in the hospital. A stroke can and will certainly open ones eyes to appreciate what we have. She is progressing slowly but is still looking at several months in the hospital. We would like to thank each of you for the calls, cards and prayers!

I was able to attend the FTA National Rendezvous and represent the Nebraska Fur Harvesters in Wisconsin this past week. Due to commitments at the hospital I had to miss the Governing Board meeting on Wednesday.

Don Miller had supplied me with the early flyers for our fall convention. I spent a good part of Friday A.M. touring the dealer buildings and giving each dealer a copy with a personal invitation to attend the event in Crete. There is a very upbeat mood towards the September 27-29 event at Tuxedo Park. Several of the dealers were either going to confirm their table reservations or give Eric Stane a call for spaces. Yes, this looks to be another great convention here in Nebraska.

I attended the FTA National Banquet and National Council meeting on Friday evening representing the NFH. While the full minuets of the meeting will be in the August issue of the Fur Taker magazine I will give a few highlights here. During the executive officers reports Tony Celebreeze from the USSA reported over 226,000 youth and their families attended the 125+ Trailbalzer events across the country. During the meeting the FTA donated $10,000 to the USSA general funds but also $5,000 to the Trailblazer program.

The FTA is also now sponsors to the FFA on the national level and also the National Junior Rodeo Championships. These programs work with youth in ways few others can and their exposure to fur harvesting is imperative.

The 2014 FTA National will be held in Washington County, Pennsylvania. During this National Council meeting two presentations were made for the 2015 event. Lawrence, KS and La Grange, IN. When the ballot count was made the Indiana location was chosen. I trust the Kansas Fur Harvesters do not give up and try again.

When the officer nominations from the floor opened I, as a FTA member nominated Rick Schoonover to run against the incumbent FTA General Organizer. Rick, a professional logger from Westminster, VT has tremendous experience working with and for fur harvesters across our country. We had a very solid communication base while I was the FTA Organizer and I have tremendous respect for him.

It was good to cross paths with many Nebraskans while in Wisconsin! There is an upbeat mood within the fur industry and I looked over several new restraining devices on the market. Individuals are willing to make major investments during these times and I feel this is a positive for the way of life we hold so dear.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Crete! — Roy Greenfield

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