Raccoon Breaks Into Alabama Police Station


Photo from Gardendale, Ala. Police surveillance video

A raccoon crashed through the ceiling of an Alabama police station earlier this week. The surprised Gardendale, Ala., police quickly set the bandit free.

Surveillance video captured the raccoon falling through ceiling tile in the police station’s lobby Monday morning. A short time later, police officers are surprised to find what made the noise. To watch the video, visit the Fox 6 WBRC site.

After releasing the raccoon outside, it tried to get back in, according to the Fox 6 WBRC report.

“It wanted back in the building,” Sgt. Scott Banks told Fox 6 WBRC. “It fought there at the door trying to get back in. He really didn’t want outside, so it likes it here at the new public safety center. And it wanted to stay.”

Gardendale police set traps out just in case there are any other raccoons inside their building.


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