Sierra Club Considering Anti-Trapping Policy

The Sierra Club has long pretended to be an ally to hunters and trappers, but if they move forward with a proposed anti-trapping policy, they will have drawn a clear line in the sand that they are no friend to outdoorsmen.

With the proposed policy, the Sierra Club would officially oppose the use of bodygrip traps, foothold traps, snares and other similar devices. The draft policy on the Sierra Club’s website reads in part:

Use of body-gripping devices – including leghold traps, snares, and Conibear® traps – are indiscriminate to age, sex and species and typically result in injury, pain, suffering, and/or death of target and non-target animals.

The Sierra Club considers body-gripping, restraining and killing traps and snares to be ecologically indiscriminate and unnecessarily inhumane and therefore opposes their use.

The Sierra Club promotes and supports humane, practical and effective methods of mitigating human-wildlife conflicts and actively discourages the use of inhumane and indiscriminate methods. Implementation and application of this policy should be based on the most recent and relevant science and should minimize harm to ecosystems.

The Sierra Club just completed a member’s online comment period. The comments will now be reviewed by a six-person National Task Force appointed by the Sierra Club Board. The Task Force will then draft an official policy on the use of trapping devices.

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance sums up the news well:

This new proposal shouldn’t be a shock to sportsmen. Despite claiming for years that it is a pro-hunting organization, the Sierra Club and its local chapters have opposed pro-hunting or trapping initiatives across the country. Its online magazine has even run a story supporting the efforts of Born Free U.S.A., an avid anti-trapping organization.

The conclusion the Sierra Club has made about trapping seems eerily similar to the misinformed anti-trapping agenda pushed by the Humane Society of the United States. Of course, those misconceptions about trapping are easily rebutted with truth. The National Trappers Association “Trapping Facts” page is a good start for those with an open mind.

Unfortunately, I think the Sierra Club decision makers made up their mind long ago…

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25 thoughts on “Sierra Club Considering Anti-Trapping Policy

  1. I have always had my doubts about the sierra club because I have friends who are animal rightists,and have been supporting the sierra club.I would receive a pro hunting and they would receive anti hunting letters.

  2. My guess would be that the Sierra Club is and has been alined with the HSUS for a long time, and they are just folowing the money. People, as a whole, make donations to the cuddly, cute, animals seen on TV. They do not understand that a very small amount of their money ever makes it to the animal. Maybe we should show the havoc that coyotes raise against cuddlely calves and lambs and see if we can get those same misguided people to donate to the NTA and FTA in their defense.

  3. I think we will never win the batlle of managing wildlife, because groups like this only base their values on emotion. Wildlife will always be the loser based on emotion, but most people are not familar enough with real wildlife to understand their folly.

  4. WAKE UP ,the sierra club has been an environmental whacko group forever, they support anti gun groups and any legislation that limits, hunting and trapping look it up follow the money trail and please WAKE UP!!!!!

  5. Axe the Sierra Club now! I don’t know much about them but do know that I don’t agree with their latest decisions regarding trapping. They sound like a convoluted organization searching for a neutral point of agreement with ill and misinformed groups like HSUS, PETA and other extremist groups. Sportsman, including trappers, following the rules and principles set forth by 20th century conservationists like Aldo Leopold, Teddy Roosevelt and others who understand the importance of the wise use of natural resources, are the ones responsible for the burgeoning populations of wildlife in our nation. Nothing else, noone else can claim that victory except US Sportsman and that includes Trappers! We are as humane as they come. We want to preserve the pelt for resale and eventual use in the consumer market. What trapper in their right mind would do something to ruin the pelt or cause struggle. This group is misinformed and should never be included or considered as a conservation organization ever again!

  6. I am sick of these limp wrist, whimp ass wipes and I have speculated for years these folks were not an ally to sportsmen in the same way the Boy Scouts will not take a stand on sport hunting and in the same way DU some time ago banned the use of leg hold traps for trapping predators in nesting sites. For years I supported financially both and aided scouting with hosting fund raisers. NOT ANY MORE. I watched the Sierra Club and others close the alligator business in the early 60’s and hold hands with those that almost abolished the furs business in the late 80’s. My support, for now and all of the future, goes to those that I know support legal trapping, hunting, fishing and the consumptive use of sustainable wildlife resources. Beware of those floating up and down our river systems wearing bandannas tied around their heads toting their gear in little backpacks. These bunnie and tree huggers, as well as these other concrete conservationist and so called environmentalist, are not with Sportsmen. BEWARE OF THE BASTARDS.

    Chris Plott

  7. in my opinion, anyone who would follow along with the humane society or peta, simply do not care for the actual facts or rights of other citizens..trapping / hunting / fishing is not about exterminating wildlife nor is it all about the money that can be made, despite the opinions of hsus or peta…sure, there is money made through these activities, but there is also many people who simply enjoy these activities the same as generations of our forefathers enjoyed them…
    many of the people who support hsus and peta live in cities or urban areas and have never seen the effects of unchecked / uncontrolled wildlife…they have never seen how large populations of beaver can cause drainage canals or small streams to dam up and cause major property damage…they have never seen how coyotes left unchecked can decimate the local game populations to point where there is nothing left for them to hunt but the pet dogs & cats in the area…they have never seen a coyote jump a six foot fence in broad daylight and carry off their pet poodle…they have never seen how raccoons / fox / mink left unchecked can destroy a chicken farmer…they have never seen a chicken lot with 40, 50, 100 dead and headless chickens killed in one night and left un-eaten…
    get the facts people, before you jump to conclusions…talk with the old-timers and the locals who know something about the area’s wildlife…dont base your opinion on what some lobbyist with a hidden agenda tells you…dont base your opinion on what some tv commercial shows…anyone with half a brain knows that you are only getting half / one side of the equation…WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Wow, what a surprise, NOT!!!! These granola eating whackos are as bad as hsus, check them out. its all about money to them. they donate not one cent to animal welfare, just like hsus, but the freaks build thier house in prime wildlife habitat and think nothing of it. time to expose them for what they really are instead of sitting on our hands and watching it happen.

  9. I can’t believe anyone would consider the Sierra Club a friend of any consumptive users. They have done every thing they can to lock folks out of prime hunting areas and have totally abused the ESA. Maybe this will open some eyes.

  10. No , I have never considered Sierra Club a comrade of the Hunting Fishing etc. population .. and I agree with r. barrows above , they come into a beautiful remote area and throw all kinds of money around to purchase it and then put up condos and name them “Deer Field Community” ~~~ what ??! the Deer are gone then ……..
    Then they drive to the community centers in their Volvo’s and put together public forum meetings to figure out how to get the deer back in the area and try to figure out what has caused their decline in the area.. are you serious ??!
    It is not just about money with them it is about “whats the high society popular thing to involved in” …. in other words the social status of it and who belongs to what club … its all a bunch of “hoooey” , they are not our buddies , they never have been.

  11. Sierra Club may as well change their name to PETA. Sportsman need to have a united front to protect their rights from these tree hugging fools

  12. The lats time the Sierra Club sent a request for money I mailed them an envelope full of washers it had to way a pound. That was the last thing I ever got from the Sierra Club.

  13. I once attended a Sierra Club sponsored cocktail hour where they tried to convince us invitees that they were on our side. I figure I’m one up on them. I drank their beer for free and continue to work against them whenever possible.

  14. It’s time for all outdoorsman- all hunters;fisherman;trappers;target shooters;self/hime defense gun owners;someone who holds on to a gun because it has sentimental value because it was handed down from generation to generation- to band together- every one of the above should be a member of the NRA, Ducks Unlimited, etc. If your friends arent members- ask why? The antis have the money behind them. A measly $25 or $35 bucks a year to have these organizations on our side fighting is worth it. Dont give a red cent to any of the do-gooder organizations like hsus as they have hidden agenda’s.
    Contact your congressman and senators-phone, email,or by letter: let them know your dont support anti hunting, anti fishing, anti gun legislation, anti concealed carry permits, etc.

  15. It is sad that the Sierra Club would expound the HSUS line rather than the information gained by several years of Best Management Practices test done on these very same types of traps. Those traps were tested and found to be humine and selective when properly tuned for the animal targeted. None of this means anything if this is just a money issue, its happened in the past and will happen again money out weights facts almost every time.
    Do away with trapping as a manadement tool and watch what happens to the animal population and the troubles it creates. Just ask the residents of Mass. about thier beaver problems since thier ban went into effect.

  16. I agree 100% with ya’ll…..these people base all their decisions on emotion, and are heavily influenced by money. None of the points in the drafted policy are based on fact or experience. Its pretty sad that a organization claiming that they wildlife’s best interests in mind is run by a bunch of hippy yuppies that probably spend most of their time, if not all of their time INDOORS. The sad thing is the only way to fight money is with money…..Go out and support state and national trapper associations in any way you can!!!

  17. Proposed my behind,I fought the Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club last summer over the proposed trapping regulation changes in New Mexico.They were hand in hand with the Defenders of Wildlife and the Center For Biological Diversity in an all out effort to ban all trapping on all public lands in New Mexico.One of their top officers staged an anti-trapping incident,but would not elaborate on the incident when I called her out on it,they have no idea how ridiculous they look,especially to someone,who has a lifetime of trapping experience.This was not only one rogue chapter,I am afraid the Sierra Club is not the friend of sportsmen and wildlife and habitat conservation that it once was.Expect this proposal to become standard operating procedure for the New Sierra Club,with more such proposals to come,it is not your Father’s Sierra Club,anymore,they have a new,enlightened agenda.

  18. Our voice is but a whisper when delivered as individuals…but stand united – WE WIN! All hunters, trappers and fishermen need to have one voice. Together we can defeat the Anit’s…individually the battle is not lost, but more difficult. As a trapper I have issues with the Sierra Club’s assessment of body grip traps and snares. When these tools are properly placed, the likelihood of an indiscriminant catch is closer to zero. Have I caught something I did not intend to? Yes once but I was set legally and what I caught was treaspassing on private land. That can and will happen when pet owners allow their animals to roam free and unsupervised. I do not consider ferral cats as indiscriminant catches. Do I want to catch them? You bet because they are a threat to song birds and small game.

  19. I was a member of the Sierra Club as a young adult. I wanted to be a member of a movement to protect the environment. I am a man of 50 years old now. I have matured an have a more keen understanding of the politics at work among the agenda driven elements. I have an abiding respect for John Muir and what he intended to achieve. Today’s Sierra Club is not what he wanted to achieve. The National Parks belong to all US citizens and it is for their use and enjoyment. National Parks are also a wonderful testament to what can be done with a true heart for conservation and the authority of a national government. The Sierra Club is solidifying its marriage with extremists elements. The extremists are feeling the loss in the legislative arena.

    The recognition of the Second Amendment applying to citizens in all areas of the United States by the Department of the Interior was seen as a loss to the extremists. The new regulation on concealed firearms carry in US National Parks took effect on February 22, 2010.

    From the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA): “We are delighted that the Interior Department has taken this step,” said CCRKBA chairman Alan Gottlieb in a press release. “This was never an issue of opening parks to hunting or recreational shooting, and the extremist opponents of this measure know it. This has always been about personal protection in areas where law enforcement may be hours away, or not available at all, in an emergency.”

    From the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: “The Bush Administration’s parting gift for the gun lobby to allow hidden weapons in our parks threatens the safety of these national treasures and those who visit them,” said Brady Campaign President Paul Helmke in a press release. “We should not be making it easier for dangerous people to carry firearms in our parks. We urge the proper authorities to use common sense, and stop this senseless rule.”

    The Sierra Club obviously feels emboldened by The Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS) which was reached with the EU, Canada and Russia; a separate agreement was reached between the EU and United States due to US regulatory requirements. Both Agreements incorporate the same standards. They are incrementally attempting to erode all participation in activities that they do not approve of even though the activities are legal and heavily regulated. The have found that the regulations are not onerous enough to prevent people from participating in them.

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