The ICOtec GC300 Is an Affordable and Deadly Effective Electronic Call

Electronic predator calls have advanced greatly in the last handful of years, leaving predator hunters with an array of options many never dreamed of only a few years ago. But some predator callers are wary of investing hundreds of dollars on an e-caller.

The new GC300 electronic call from ICOtec offers the best of both worlds. The caller is as compact, durable and effective as top-of-the-line electronic callers, but it’s very affordably priced at just $69.99.



With proven Wildlife Technologies sounds and a high-quality 120-decibel, 15-watt speaker, predator callers are quickly discovering the GC300 is a deadly effective predator hunting tool. The unit’s remote can control the caller from up to 300 yards away with volume adjustments from barely audible distress to long-range screams. Furthermore, if one call isn’t enough, the caller can layer a second sound simultaneously into the set to create a more realistic scenario for curious predators.

All 12 of the versatile sounds on the GC300 are licensed from Wildlife Technologies, a worldwide leader in bioacoustics. The calls include: Coyote Female, Coyote Howl, Coyote Male, Crow Baby Distress, Raccoon Baby Distress, Woodpecker Baby Distress, Bobcat Adult, Cottontail Distress, Coyote Pup Distress, Fawn Distress, Gray Fox Distress and Jack Rabbit Distress.

ICOtec, which has developed and manufactured quality products for other companies in many fields, including the outdoors industry, for many years, is aiming to provide high-quality, affordable products for the avid outdoorsman with their new line of outdoor products. The GC300, a part of the company’s Call of the Wild line, is among the first products they released under the ICOtec brand name.


You can pick up an ICOtec GC300 electronic game caller today from our store at for just $69.99. And we’ll ship it to you for FREE!


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9 thoughts on “The ICOtec GC300 Is an Affordable and Deadly Effective Electronic Call

  1. I’m interested in your GC300 Predator caller but have one concern. When the remote is detached from the speaker unit and placed in the field how are the interal electronics protected from the weather?

  2. Mike,

    ICOtec designed the GC300 with temperature and other climate factors in mind. It’s a durable unit. I haven’t had a chance to experiment with it in the worst conditions yet because it’s a new product, but ICOtec has designed similar products for other companies that have proven to be extremely reliable through the years. I’m very confident that the GC300 will perform well in winter weather conditions.

  3. Would like to hear about the type and number of batteries powering the main unit as well as the remote. I take it the remote is simply mounted to and detached from the main unit when in use.

  4. Just like to say I bought my. ICOtec GC300 last week and shot my first coyote using it on Friday the 25th I called 2 in great call I love it and it is very affordable and works!

  5. Good caller and at a price which is very competitive. I typically set mine up 100 yards from my hide and don’t even have to put up the small antenna on the remote. Volume can be considerably loud and undistorted if you wish to crank her up. I’ve had it out with me now maybe 10 times for about 1 1/2 hours each time and all my batteries are still going it’s easy on batteries. Never been out there when something didn’t come in for a look…at least a hawk for a look-see. I wasn’t crow shooting, but once there were some about 1/4 mile away. The crow distress call brought them in and made them crazy. They fly off and I’d bring them right back, disturbed as Charlie Manson. Now would I use the call in a driving rainstorm? I don’t think it is anywhere near waterproof, but slapping it in a plastic bag would take care of that.

    Rob, US Army (Ret)

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    • Cody,

      No, the GC300 is preprogrammed and does not have the same technology to change and upload sounds. Keep your eye out, is scheduled to carry our new products very soon.


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