T&PC Reader Traps 51-Pound Raccoon


In his November 2013 Furbearer Behavior columnTrapper & Predator Caller Field Editor Serge Lariviére asked T&PC readers to send him photos and info on raccoons they’ve trapped that weighed more than 40 pounds. The largest raccoon Lariviére received a photo of was the 51-pound ‘coon that Andrew Scott, of Idaho, caught in November 2007.

“I cut my teeth trapping ‘coons, mink and muskrats in Michigan in the 1970s,” Scott wrote. “I caught a few pushing 20 pounds.”

He later moved to northern Idaho, where he caught the 51-pound raccoon after it killed most of his chickens in the fall of 2007.

“That trap is a #220 on its head,” Scott wrote. “It tipped the scales at 51 pounds. Unfortunately, it was caught when ‘coon prices stunk. An exceptional ‘coon nonetheless.”

We agree!

Can anyone beat that?


To read an article on adjusting your trapping strategies to catch large raccoons, purchase the digital version of the October 2013 Trapper & Predator Caller issue. Ralph Scherder provides advice in his article “Catch Big ’Coons.”

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  1. A coon that big would be a real trophy for me. A 25 pounder is unheard of here in central Mississippi. I think 12 to 20 pounds would be tops for us. I don’t catch many beaver that big!

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